Long-Term Relationship Television: Transforming Television into a Relationship-Based Economy

The business model of television is broken. What do you do now? Long-Term Relationship Television (LTR-TV) helps you build and maintain committed TV audiences!

In order to find and maintain viewers, the TV industry needs to start thinking of audiences as potential partners, collaborators, and teammates. LTR-TV urges the industry to create television-related experiences and cultivate long-term relationships with audiences. Some of the LTR-TV strategies are extensions of what is already being done, some involve re-thinking advertising and audience goals, and some don’t look like advertising at all.

Finding and maintaining any relationship takes time, energy, and patience. This is not the kind of work that the TV and advertising industries are used to doing, but this is the kind of work that will allow certain industry players to stand out among the pack.

So head over to LTR-TV and let the television relationships begin!